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Invictus : The Future of Investments

Invictus (The Future of Investments)

Traditional investing is handicapped by a number of key issues: high fees, lack of access to high yielding investment opportunities, and illiquidity. Blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies, provides solutions to these structural issues that open up investment possibilities to a whole new investor base.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in the past few years has shown a hunger by individual investors to access unique investment opportunities. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market now stands at over $200bn — cryptocurrencies are by their nature an inclusive asset class; allowing investors to participate with extremely low investment minimums, no geographical restrictions on investments and almost instant liquidity through secondary market trading. Cryptocurrencies, however, are extremely volatile and appeal to traders who thrive on market volatility.

Enter Invictus Capital, a company that is evolving the asset management landscape and offers alternative investment products for the modern investor, similar to what Revolut and N26 have done for banking.

If you haven’t heard of Invictus Capital before, you will most certainly have heard of CRYPTO20 (C20), the world’s first tokenized crypto index fund. Invictus Capital, a company comprised of blockchain engineers, data scientists and experienced analysts, is the investment management company behind C20. C20 tracked the indexed value of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, ensuring substantial diversification which mitigates the impact of high volatility. C20 utilizes the FTSE Russell Capping Methodology, which caps the maximum investment into a single asset to 10% of the total fund. These caps are re-balanced on a weekly basis, this time frame was determined to be the most suitable to match the volatility of the market and to mitigate asset churn. C20 launched in 2017 and has processed tens of mill...

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