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Industry-first Electrobet sparks into life - FunFair


Turn up the voltage in our latest title, Electrobet, which sees player bets spark across a circuit board to locate big wins!




The instant win-style game is the first of its kind across the gaming industry.

Players choose their bet size, power the circuit and watch the current fly down the winding tracks, navigating fuses and capacitors to aim for supercharged prizes in the ultimate indicator boxes.


Electrobet Circuitboard


Multiple pulses can win multiple prizes of up to 20 times stake, but be sure to resist the resistors that will see your chances fizzle out quickly.

Electrobet is aimed at blockchain and crypto-gamblers specifically, delivering the instant payouts they demand, but with the added boost of 3D graphics, a captivating game format and additional features such as auto-play and quick play.

Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer, said: “Instant win type games have proved incredibly popular with our players but that doesn’t mean we’re going to churn out the same old titles. So, we’ve gone down a different track with Electrobet, a totally unique game.

“Electrobet is an industry first and offers an alternative and complement to the likes of dice games and scratchcards, giving players the choice they desire and the gameplay they deserve.

“We’re excited to hear feedback on Electrobet, but we’re confident players will be positively shocked when they try it out for the first time.”Electrobet is available to play now at CasinoFair and the FunFair Showcase.


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