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How to Boost Cash Flow Today & Retirement Savings Tomorrow with The First Blockchain High Interest Rate CD

How to Boost Cash Flow Today & Retirement Savings Tomorrow with HEX: The First High Interest Rate CD

You Work Hard for Your Money, but How Hard is Your Money Working for You?

The purchasing power of the dollar continues to fall year after year, but intelligent fund allocation means your investment dollars don’t have to. Whether you’re exploring new ways to sustainably build and increase retirement savings — or simply making available funds work harder for you — 2020 has given rise to a brand new class of savers reaping highly competitive returns using a first-of-its-kind blockchain certificate of deposit (CD).

Banks’ Biggest Products — CDs & Time Deposits — Do Not Compete in Today’s Markets

The most competitive bank CD rates yield about 1.0% at the time of writing. This neither serves as an effective store of value nor does it compete with inflation decaying the dollar. Surprisingly, in the 1980’s one could secure bank CD’s yielding about 10%, but those days now seem a distant memory...

You might even recall the old Series EE Savings Bonds you perhaps received as a child. In fact, they’re still around today. They mature after 20 years and yield 0.1%, but again this falls terribly short of ever keeping up with inflation. What’s even worse, they have a $10,000 maximum purchase limit per year per social security number.

Smarter Technology = Superior Investment Products

With advancements in technology also comes advancements in investment products. The 1990’s and early 2000’s saw several new offerings become available to investors such as the ETF, Publicly Traded REITs, Target Date Funds and so on. In 2009 Bitcoin came onto the scene utilizing blockchain technology to address the peer-to-peer currency market.

Over 10 years later — limited by lack of consensus and a spaghetti code design — Bitcoin’s narrative of peer-to-peer currency has pivoted, perhaps more appropriately, to a store of value, or “digital gold,” and...

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