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Europe Revolts

Liberte, liberte, liberte! shouts the crowd in Luxembourg as it brings down the barriers of a checkpoint for vaccine passports in front of their Christmas market.

After waving the barriers to and fro, with those on the other side shouting no, the buzzing crowd salmoning shoulder to shoulder finally gets some breathing space.

Liberte for Austria shouted the French, with their hymn of revolution, which is now their national anthem, so becoming the cry across the continent.

Riots broke out in Netherlands last month. This month Brussels burns as the world is introduced to young men flying in the air while being water cannoned.

Brussels, man sent flying by water canon, Dec 5 2021

Belgians are being curfewed after 5PM. Children as young as six have to wear masks in school for eight hours. Their education is also being cut short by a week, with work at home orders now back for this vaccinated population.

In Vienna, tens of thousands protest again, in almost a routine of sorts as the unheard public anger risks hardening in a continent that shivers at the sight of papers please.

Silence in Germany. Presumably because they’re waiting for the new government while hoping it will roll back Merkel’s draconian imposition of selective restrictions.

They stormed the Reichstag last year, citing the Nuremberg code which prohibits forced vaccination. That same Reichstag this year might vote not only on forced vaccination, but on mandatory vaccination every nine months.

The imposition of routine vaccination on the entire population comes with obvious dangers for while initially there may be great scrutiny, the barriers will lower with the routine, making scandals inevitable though probably much after the fact.

This will also impose a wholistic new system, for both vaxed and unvaxxed, of paper checks the moment one walks out of the door, making the carrying of an ID compulsory.

The amount of information this provid...

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