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Ethorse – The Sweet Spot between Horse Racing and Cryptocurrency - The Bitcoin News

If you have been to a racecourse, you would love the sight of the striking horses racing. However, the joy of watching poetry in motion can be increased even further. That is if you place a bet on a particular horse and it comes out as the winner. Many of you might also be regular investors in stocks. When one of your stocks zooms up and you book a profit, it’s a joyous occasion for you. And finally, there is the whole thing about cryptocurrency that is all the rage in the last few years. People have won and lost millions based on the appreciation of the value of their Bitcoins or Ethereums.

Bet on Crypto

Now imagine what would happen if all the above aspects were brought together in one place? Say you had the thrill of making money on the bourses. To that, you added the pride of dealing with the latest technology like blockchain or cryptocurrency. And finally, you add the joy of being able to bet just like you do at a racecourse. This is now possible with a new concept called Ethorse.

Introducing Ethorse

It is a trading/betting/racing platform where you can place your bets on a particular cryptocurrency instead of on a horse (or on a particular stock). The cryptocurrency which is used is Ethereum. You can bet on the price of the crypto in a completely secure and decentralized manner.

How Ethorse Works?

If you compare this setup to a horse race, you will find a subtle difference. In a horse race, all individual betters place their bets on whichever horse they fancy during the horse racing schedule. All the money of those bets is then pooled together. Then the betters get their pay-out according to the odds or they get their share of the overall pool of money. At Ethorse, your money gets to work in the same way. Instead of horses, you just place your bet on a particular cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Betting by Ethorse

There are some distinct advantages when you bet using Ethorse. First, you and your money are completely safe an...

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