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ETH1 Devs Risk Delaying Ethereum 2.0

How to attempt an eth2 delay in five steps: 1. Create a weird way of making a deposit. 2. Claim it’s a bug. 3. Claim eth 1 now has to do something, giving timetables over to them. 4. ???? 5. Profit?

Ethereum 1.0 devs are suddenly claiming ethereum 2.0 has to wait for them to incorporate an upgrade of BLS signatures to verify malformed deposits.

“We want Berlin to be before the deposit contract is launched so that it can use the BLS Precompile,” James Hancock, the eth1 hardfork coordinator says, with Hancock suggesting the deposit contract should not go out before Berlin, “but, we are flexible as to when that should be to support the Eth2 roadmap,” he says.

Berlin being the planned upgrade of ethereum 1.0 which includes tons of things that are set to go through in June, although far more likely the estimate is ‘god knows.’

Plenty of those Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are interesting and useful with one potentially including improvements to facilitate further zk tech.

Compared to the BLS signature upgrade, however, arguably none of the other EIPs matter at all as far as probably some 90% or more of ethereans are concerned.

Hence it isn’t clear why they are not making an emergency BLS upgrade including just the signatures bit, with it arguably doable very quickly.

Nor is it clear who Hancock is referring to by “we.” Trustnodes asked for clarification, but has received no response in time for publishing.

We suspect by “we” he is referring to eth1 devs, not least because the eth1 call notes suggest it would be useful if an eth2 dev/researcher can take part next time.

One eth2 researcher we spoke to who doesn’t want to be named re-iterated the eth1 BLS upgrade is not necessary .

“BLS12-381 curve EIP is helpful anyway, it’s important for a future eth1<->eth2 bridge especially. It would also make stronger security for the deposit contract, but this enhancement is not critically ‘requ...

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