ENSListing Hits 1,000 Registered Post-Auction Ethereum Domains

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Cryptocurrency Happenings: ENSListing Hits 1,000 Listed Ethereum Domain Names

You read it right! ENSListing.com, one of the, if not the first Ethereum domain secondary exchange for Ethereum domains. The Ethereum Name Service domain auction started in May, 2017 with an innovative auction style designed to reduce the number of squatters purchasing ‘.eth’ domain names.

The picture above is from the CodeTract.io website which is the official ENS auction registrar tracking tool. As we can see, nearly 465,000 auctions have initiated by 12,141 bidders who have deposited a total of 3,222,815 ETH for domain auctions. A total of 116,326 domain names have already been registered as demand begins to really grow for this cutting edge Ethereum blockchain domain situation.

The major immediate solution the .eth solves…

Ethereum wallet addresses look something like this:


Similar to how the 10-digit phone number turned into phone contacts, the Ethereum domain becomes a universal contact to the entire Ethereum blockchain. Our human brain has a much better time remembering “Sally” as opposed to “(817) 859–9034.” So instead of the Ethereum wallet address above, users can register a ‘.eth’ domain like:


Isn’t that much easier to remember? Well, it’s just the beginning of what is to come from the Ethereum blockchain — these domains are ultimately going to be used to plug into Ethereum Dapps or decentralized applications. Some Ethereum-based projects are already beginning to implement the use of ENS like District0x — they are creating an “ENS Bazaar.” Description is below and can be found in their white paper:

A peer-to-peer marketplace for the exchange of names registered via the Ethereum Name Service — sounds like websites similar to ENSListing.com will do very well once District0x builds the ENS Bazaar. Almost an accelerator to help what ENSListing.com has already built in this secondary market. The developers working on the Ethereum blockchain are brilliant for this because the release of Ethereum domain names allows for easier commercialization of the Ethereum blockchain…AKA developers will have somewhere to begin building their project while the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem continues to develop and ultimately thrive.

Below are some domain examples listed to ENSListing.com:

If you are interested in selling your own Ethereum domain, find the exchange here.  Here is the blog and a step-by-step on how to purchase or sell .eth domains.

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