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district0x Network Incentives

district0x Network Incentives

An update on community programs and rewards

Recently we’ve introduced several new community initiatives and have been finding the best home for their documentation. The recent revamp of the stream on dAppstream, as well as last week’s announcement of the Verified Artist Program, and the arrival of the District Registry, we’re in a nice place to completely overhaul our reward structures and onboarding flow for new users across our dApps and community.

We’ve always utilized reward structures where possible to build incentives around new network behavior or bootstrap marketplace features. Some examples include:

Name Bazaar Launch Contest to get ENS domains listed before launch Meme Factory Design Contest to seed user-made content for launch day Meme Factory Community Polls to leverage Aragon and reward early DNT stakers while also distributing DANK Meme theme contests designed to get new community members submitting to Meme Factory with no ETH (Our next will be announced SOON!) Meme Factory’s DANK Faucet to give all first time users more than enough tokens to play with Level-based Community participation rewards for both our Discord server and Livestream, with rewards ranging from DNT to swag Various giveaways for Meme Factory and our livestreams, including some completely unique digital collectibles

Many of these existed as ad-hoc solutions to solve acute problems, like accelerating traffic or populating a new dApp, but through the experiences we’ve had over the years of community building, we’ve persistently brainstormed and tested the waters for more perpetual systems to reward both new and veteran community members.

As of April 2020, and until further notice, the following community and rewards programs are in place on the district0x network unless stated otherwise. The remainder of the post will touch on each.

District Proposal Rewards

District Proposals were one of the c...

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