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district0x Dev Update - October 15th, 2019

district0x Dev Update - October 15th, 2019

Development progress and product changes from district0x

In the past development cycle, we’ve pushed through a very broad scope of updates and refactors to nearly every corner of our tech stack. With efforts currently spread across three major initiatives — development of Ethlance, testing and refactoring of The District Registry, and upgrades and migrations to our Web3 libraries for all of our applications, there has been a lot of small hurdles encountered and cleared in the past two weeks. We’ll dive into a few below.

At the top of mind for us is the District Registry. As of our last dev update, we had just received back our full audit report on the Registry’s smart contract suite. Currently, we’ve reviewed the report and merged in fixes for all surfaced issues, and have coordinated with our audit team to confirm the validity of these fixes. Moving forward, we will be manually testing these changes and making any final alterations to the UX before preparing for the full scale mainnet deployment. In other words, a public launch of the District Registry is relatively imminent.

Moving on, Ethlance has held the attention of two different service providers working on two different areas. As we completed all of the front-end pages in previous weeks, we’ve been reviewing and nit-picking our work to make sure the fit and finish of every page is top-notch and true to our original designs. Beside this, we’re continuing forward with our efforts to construct a new, lightweight, cheap, and secure database scheme utilizing a a sort of private chain architecture, as discussed in previous posts. This remains a complex transition, with several open questions on the fundamental design for us to tackle. As we wrap up other initiatives, this will become our primary focus as it lends itself well to future applications as well.

Lastly, several updates have come to Meme Factory, or are currently being ...

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