DeFi in Ether: $40B in DeFi, dYdX Chain announced, EulerDAO introduced, Compound releases code for…

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DeFi in Ether: $40B in DeFi, dYdX Chain announced, EulerDAO introduced, Compound releases code for multi-chain Compound III, Uniswap Labs completed an acquisition of Genie, The Synthetix Algol release, Balancer’s update on the bug bounty progress, and much more!

Biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.56, 21st June — 5th July

TL;DR $40.7B in DeFi this week, currently at ~ $40.68B, with Maker dominance 19.41%. Coinbase has announced support for Polygon and Solana on their wallet. Announcing dYdX Chain: Rebuilding dYdX as a standalone Cosmos-based blockchain featuring a fully decentralized, off-chain, orderbook and matching engine. dYdX ‘Abandoning Ethereum?! with Founder, Antonio Juliano’ on Bankless. Uniswap Labs has also completed an acquisition of Genie, an NFT marketplace aggregator. Hayden Adams on Uniswap’s Announcement?! on State of the Nation. The latest Uniswap proposals are here. mStable Governance Updates — 27 June 2022. Check out mStable’s latest proposals here. An overview of some exciting stuff on the horizon for Vaults & the ERC-4626 standard. Moving to V2: Learnings from mStable V1: Twitter Space. Latest Aave News: Harmony Exploit Update, Sigma Prime Snapshot, Paris rAAVE & more. The community-centered approach to Web3 — Aave founder and CEO. Follow the Aave governance forum. Compound III: Compound releases a code repository to the Compound community, to enable a next-generation borrowing protocol that can scale across blockchains. Compound’s founder is unworried about DeFi defaults. Compound Proposal Proposal 110 ‘OpenZeppelin Security Partnership — 2022 Q3 Adjustment’ has passed successfully. Proposal 112 ‘Return Accidentally Sent Funds #3’ is in the voting period. Find the latest Compound proposals here. Gnosis Chain Weekly · 01 July 2022: Highlights from last week; @dapplion, the Gnosis Chain Merge Coordinator, updated the community on their progress. The next round of DappCon Berlin tickets goes live on the 7th of July and dfdao revved their engines for the next round of Dark Forest. EulerDAO was announced by Euler Finance as part of its process to create governance and decentralize. The latest Balancer Report is here. Read the published update on the bug bounty progress. The Balancer DAO June update is available on Soundcloud. Balancer Grants wave 4 has commenced. Find a summary here. Timeless of Timeless Finance launched on the Ethereum mainnet. ParaSwap launched its first NFT P2P mobile trading app on the App Store. Bancor Update — June 29, 2022: In this update, the team addresses some commonly asked questions, and gives a high-level overview of what happened, the current state of the protocol, and the path to recovery. Get involved in Bancor DAO at Find out all Kyber proposals here. Check them out on GitHub. Kyber Network and Oxalus Wallet make swap features more convenient. This decentralized exchange is on a quest to become an all-in-one DeFi platform. The ZigZag DEX is selling governance tokens, with an airdrop planned later. The Synthetix Algol Release: Here’s what’s included in this release — SIP-251: Differentiate Liquidation Penalties: Adds a new system setting for SNX staker liquidations. Jun 29/30: Synthetix Community Governance Call. Spartan Twitter Space: Synthetix Ambassadors and Euler Finance. SNXweave Weekly Recap Episode 45 for the week of June 20th, 2022. Ren Digest #2: A newsletter from the Ren community about all things Ren. Ren Development Update | June 2022. REN one of the first collaterals supported on Fringe. 0x Ecosystem Spotlight: Zerion: An interview with Zerion, a Web3 smart wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a phone to easily manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios. 1inch Weekly Recap is out. SithSwap has announced their $2.65M seed funding round, with goal of delivering the next generation of AMMs on StarkNet. Increment raised $1.56M in funding, aiming to bring multi-currency perpetual swaps to the second version of zkSync. The ‘Epicenter’ hosts were joined by Dan Finlay, Founder & Group Manager at MetaMask, to chat about the motivation for building MetaMask, the security of the platform, decentralization, and the future of seed phrases, and much more. The potential for democratic governance in web3 by a16z. Vitalik Buterin on governance, political economy and crypto. And more!

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Total Value Locked in DeFi

$40.7B in DeFi this week, currently at ~ $40.68B, with Maker dominance 19.41%.

Source: Top DeFi Tokens by Market Capitalization

Total Market Cap: $92,930,729,087

Source: DeFi Aggregators