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Coinbase Improves Its Bet For Online Cryptocurrency Payments: Coinbase Commerce

While physical crypto purchases have been on the rise recently, the strength of cryptocurrencies lies in purchases and transactions made via the Internet. Day by day more and more people spend their cryptocurrencies online, and while there is a multitude of solutions out there for users and merchants to involve in this kind of transactions, there is room for improvement. The popular exchange Coinbase has decided to revamp its bet for e-commerce releasing a new plugin for merchants.

Coinbase is one of the most important exchanges in all the cryptocurrency world, and this is why it is important for them to be well positioned in every aspect of the cryptocurrency business. That is why they have revamped their offering by launching a new plugin that will let merchants connect to the WooCommerce platform, a highly popular platform that manages to more than a quarter of the purchases made with cryptocurrency online.

This a new development of the Coinbase in-house division called Commerce, that is directed mainly to link this popular exchange to payment platforms all over the world, making it easier for users of this platform to spend their cryptocurrency online without the use of third-party payment gates; this will also inspire trust in the cryptocurrency newbies due to the Coinbase brand.

Coinbase has been working lately to become a cryptocurrency global all-around company, trying to offer all services that have to do with cryptocurrencies to every type of user possible. From wanting to take their business to Japan to grow its user base even more to acquiring stock brokerage exchanges to be the first exchange that will list security tokens, Coinbase aims to be the first really integral Cryptocurrency service provider in the whole world, and little by little, it seems that they are being close to that goal. At least with this new move, they will have a bigger presence in the virtual pay space.

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