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Charged Particles believe NFTs are much more than just JPEGs

Less than a year after its main net launch, NFT protocol Charged Particles is on track to check every item on its rather ambitious roadmap. Created to enable people to “do more with their NFTs,” the protocol has already begun pushing the boundaries of what an NFT can do.

While not a new concept to those invested in the crypto industry, NFTs have only recently begun gaining traction in mainstream media. With news of pixelated JPEGs selling for tens of millions of dollars, the public has built a rather one-dimensional idea of what NFTs are.

Charged Particles, on the other hand, is everything but one-dimensional. Founded by two industry veterans, Ben Lakhoff and Rob Secord, it offers truly unique, fully programmable NFTs. While at its core still standard non-custodial ERC-721 tokens, NFTs issued through Charged Particles offer much more than just proof of ownership—they can represent a basked of other token holdings with fully configurable settings.

Its founders say their functionality is much like a traditional index fund, which holds hundreds of equities, bonds, and other products. In the case of Charged Particles, all of these products are locked in an ERC-721 token for users to own, trade, and collect.

NFTs should contain more than just JPEGs

In an interview with CryptoSlate, the company’s founders said that while they sought out to offer thoughtful ways to use the token standard, they were caught off guard by the innovations proposed by the Charged Particles community. As the protocol developed, more use-cases and mechanics kept popping up and changing the shape of the products it offered.

“The community continues to surprise us with new and ingenious ways of leveraging this nesting functionality to add layers of value and create new asset classes altogether. I think people are really starting to see that NFTs are so much more than just jpegs, visual art, and collectibles, but really a basic quality of the digital future,” sa...
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