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Beacon Testnet Launch “Getting Pretty Close” Says Dev

Ethereum 2.0 developers in at least two client implementations are finalizing preparations for a testnet launch of the brand new Proof of Stake (PoS) Beacon Chain.

“The testnet launch is getting pretty close,” says Dustin Brody, a Status developer working on Nimbus, one of the new eth 2.0 client.

Beacon node simulation with 768 validators and 75 nodes chugging along…#serenity #ethereum — Nimbus (@ethnimbus) March 13, 2019

Yuriy Glukhov, another developer at Nimbus, says “we’re going to launch [the testnet] soon, as far as I’m aware.” Explaining what’s going on in the above tweet, Glukhov said:

“The simulation is running a few beacon nodes with validators attached to them (some validators are missing on purpose to test the reaction of the majority). The validators propose the blocks and attest to them, the nodes communicate to each other.”

That means the Nimbus implementation has now reached the stage where devs can run an early version of the node after months of hard work with the video showing benchmarking and a sort of lab-setting test that shows it all works fine in a sole laptop/computer.

Another implementation at the advanced stages is Sigma Prime’s new Lighthouse eth2.0 client. Speaking to Trustnodes, Age Manning, co-founder of Sigma Prime, said:

“We’re benchmarking the spec with our implementation and adding various optimisations to speed things along. We’re also in the process of implementing the phase 0 wire spec (which is not fully agreed on yet).

We’re hoping to have a single client testnet with the phase 0 wire spec soon. Over the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on the networking and syncing aspect of the client…

All the clients will have varying degrees of client/networking/syncing infra structure (especially because we don’t yet have a guideline for how nodes should communicate)…

For lighthouse, all the spec is implemented and partially optimised. We hav...

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