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Aventus and Blue Horizon Entertainment - a deeper look at the relationship

Interview with Diane Bowers, CEO of Blue Horizon Entertainment

As part of the road to solidifying and growing our relationship with Blue Horizon Entertainment, we decided to share some insight into the CEO Diane Bowers with the Aventus community.

Diane, could you please describe yourself, your background and some of your past experiences in the live entertainment industry?

At heart, I love to build things and fix things which could be my epitaph especially relating to my history of managing business.and effecting turnarounds. Another driving concept, inspired by Booker T. Washington, is the notion that “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”. These few rather simple core drivers have shaped my past, the present, and will underwrite my expected future.

Live music entertainment was a foundational element of my life. The first concert that I ever worked featured BB King and Santana. I was hooked and got involved locally with a national promoter bringing groups to Miami Beach. A vivid memory was the Yes concert — the night when my right ear hearing was permanently impaired. This was a different era — the hippie movement was in full swing — and people were laid back and seemed to get along. One responsibility was ticket sales which was then a manual, time intensive, risky process. We had to batch printed tickets, physically deliver them to record stores for sale, call for counts, move unsold tickets to high demand outlets if we guessed wrong, and scramble to pick up the cash and unsold tickets for delivery to the box office at the 11th hour.

Years later, after finishing grad school and a corporate stint with Mobil Oil, I bolted to Atlantic City at the dawn of the casino gaming era and started working at Resorts International. Our Superstar Theater was the East Coast epicenter for headline entertainers. Sinatra, Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias, Don Rickles, and Engelbert, among others, visited annually and packed the h...

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