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Automated my crypto Technical Analysis (TA) and I want to share it with you :) (open source)

Crypto Signals

This script will automate the Technical Analysis for coin pairs on Bittrex

It's also intended to alert you when a breakout occurs through your desktop, SMS, and console.


To Bittrex for an awesome API Eric Somdahl for writing the Python wrapper for the Bittrex API Ryan Mullin for implementing the getHistoricalData() method on v2 of the Bittrex API How to use

Add a secrets.json file to the root directory of your project. The contents of the file should mirror this:

{ "bittrex_key" : "BITTREX_API_KEY", "bittrex_secret" : "BITTREX_SECRET", "twilio_key": "TWILIO_API_KEY", "twilio_secret": "TWILIO_SECRET", "twilio_number": "TWILIO_PHONE_NUMBER", "my_number": "YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER" }

If you don't want to use the Twilio notifications, you can remove the code

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