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Auctus Dev Update: Demo Overview

Our development team has been working hard for the past three weeks since our last development update post. As you’ve probably noticed on September 10th, we’ve launched our brand-new website, 100% made by our team. The wonderful design was created by Samir Taiar. The HTML, JS and CSS code is available on our GitHub (at

In parallel, the development of our demo platform is going very well. In this post, I want to share some implementation details and prototypes.


The idea behind the Auctus platform is to provide a global smart contract based platform for pension fund management. The platform will allow to easily configure pension fund rules and to automatically generate smart contract code, as well as to deploy it on the Ethereum network. We are currently working on a demo version of the platform, including simulation features, to present it to the public before our token distribution. It would be very difficult to understand the usability with an alpha release, without a simulation feature that mimics changing funds over time. That’s the main reason why we’ve decided to release a demo first. In order to find the best solution, we conducted a design sprint to come up with the user journey and draw some prototypes. Some of the demo platform screens are illustrated below:


The platform is being built in C#, using the .NET Core framework. The backend code, to dynamically generate and deploy smart contracts in the Ethereum network, is already implemented. All the code is available at and the community is welcome to participate with comments and feedback.

Most of the backend code of the demo version can be reused for the real platform, so shortly after the release of the demo, the development will start working on the real platform, without simulation features. We will have another design sprint a...

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