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📢 Announcing New Features on ETHLend! New Languages, new Collaterals and new Loan Currencies‼️

Announcing New Features on ETHLend with the Baiji Update!

At Aave, we are focused on improving ETHLend platform everyday, in terms of UX and usability.

New Languages

We want Ethlend to become a worldwide market where people from different countries can connect and fullfill their financial needs. As such, having multilanguage support is extremely important. We are proud to announce that ETHLend has been translated in the following languages:

Vietnamese 🇻🇳 Chinese 🇨🇳 Korean 🇰🇷 Spanish 🇪🇸

Users can select the preferred language by scrolling down to the bottom of the landing page:

Or after logging in, from the profile page:

New Collateral Tokens

At Aave we constantly monitor the fast pacing world of decentralization, trying to capture as many opportunities as possible.

We have worked to introduce new tokens to open ETHLend to new markets and technologies, always aiming for the best experience to everyone.

The new available collaterals are:

Huobi token (HT) POA20 (POA) PAXOS (PAX) USDCoin (USDC) New Loan Currencies — Stablecoins

The volatility of cryptocurrency has represented a big entry barrier for the lending market. As you can read here, stablecoins can represent a solution to this.

Stablecoins offer the best of both worlds: the benefits of the blockchain (transparency, decentralization, trust), and the stability that comes with fiat currency.

We decided to introduce these tokens as loan currencies on ETHLend, in order to reduce the barrier and to ensure stability to the borrowers: borrowing stablecoins, users can be sure that the value will remain the same during the whole loan period.

The stablecoins supported as loan currency on ETHLend platform are:


Get a loan or earn some interest on your capital now on ETHLend.

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