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An Inside Look Into How Crypto Projects Are Made

An Inside Look Into How Crypto Projects Are Made The story behind the Voltaire House, an emerging blockchain hub.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it. On a quiet, sunny street in Buenos Aires, Argentina, just two blocks long, sits one of the biggest emerging hubs fueling a $100+ billion crypto market: The Voltaire House.

A growing number of blockchain projects have been imagined, developed, and launched from this 2,500 square foot house, including Streamium, Zeppelin Solutions, and Decentraland.

While surging markets have captivated investors, the stories behind some of the most innovative projects in crypto have remained untold — until now.

Building Something From Nothing

In 2011, while studying computer science at ITBA (Argentina’s MIT), Manuel Araoz enrolled in a cryptography class and a course on distributed systems. It wasn’t long before he discovered Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin whitepaper.

“The paper seemed really interesting,” he told me. “But when I shared it with my professors, they dismissed it as nonsense. I thought this tech could change the world.”

Manuel quickly discovered early bitcoin communities and began exchanging ideas with others who saw vast potential for blockchain-enabled technologies. “These communities pushed me to discover new ideas that radically changed my worldview,” he said.

After graduating, Manuel created the first-ever non-financial blockchain application, Proof of Existence. Soon after, he joined BitPay as one of their first employees. As Tech Lead, he was charged with building a development team in Buenos Aires. To serve as an operating base, Manuel leased a two-story, five-room building in the burgeoning Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.

Palermo Hollywood, the site of the Voltaire House, sits between the streets Córdoba and Santa Fé Creating a Community

Using his network of software developers, designers, and engineers — many of who...

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