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Agrello on new customers and updates

Here We Go A short update on what’s next

Dear Agrello Community,

We want to thank you again for a highly successful token sale. Thanks to your encouraging participation, we raised close to $30 Million and are now well equipped to fulfill our shared vision of bringing LegalTech into the 21st century with the help of blockchain technologies.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit to withdraw your Delta. Instructions on how to do so, as well as token and smart contract details can be found in this guide.

With the sale concluded and the dust slowly settling, we can finally shift our attention back to the development of the Agrello solution. Work on custom implementations for our first clients and partners has already begun. The applications resulting from these first partnerships will be later incorporated into the Agrello MVP and form the basis for the generic Agrello platform.

Our first project is the blockhive initiative. Blockhive is an Estonian startup, helping non-blockchain related companies to make use of blockchain technology. Blockhive’s upcoming token sale will be structured as a p2p loan operation. This means that token-sale contributions, paid by participants will be considered loans to blockhive, which blockhive will pay back to token holders.

To make this happen, token sale participants will have to digitally sign a loan agreement with blockhive, which will be set up and facilitated by Agrello. Just like with the full Agrello solution, blockhive’s loan agreements will be smart-contract-based, and reflected in a legally-binding document, which is then digitally signed by both parties, using the Agrello digital signature engine.

For more information about our ongoing projects, dev updates on the Agrello MVP and future plans, stay tuned here, subscribe to our newsletter, and join us on slack.

The Agrello Team.

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