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Saturn Ecosystem How it works?

Here is an overview of Saturn's Ecosystem explaining how it works for multiple scenarios and use cases.

Saturn Ecosystem - How it works Saturn Ecosystem

Equal & accessible for everyone, here is how it works.

There are multiple ways that a user may enter Saturn Network, the important thing to note is every scenario makes use of Saturn Protocol. Let's highlight various use cases to provide you with concrete scenarios:

A) As a user - A truly decentralized & censorship-free exchange that is accessible to everyone, there is no need to create an account or submit to a KYC process - all you need is your crypto wallet. And with our loyalty program, all your paid trading fees are reimbursed with SATURN tokens.

B) As an investor - By participating in one of our Saturn HODL programs to fund the development team directly to ensure Saturn DAO ownership is distributed and that the exchange sees continuous innovation. Or find new projects to invest in and support, by using our upcoming launchpad service.

C) As a trader - By making use of our various open sourced tools to provide a trader with every type of trading indicator he or she would need to make profitable crypto trading strategies. Or if you prefer automation follow one of our in-depth tutorials to set up your own crypto trading bots.

D) As a project leader - You can make use of our automated free token self-listing to ensure that your token is listed and tradable on an exchange immediately. We are also working on buy widgets, which will allow you to integrate buy buttons directly onto your project's website.

E) As an entrepreneur - We are currently designing an affiliate smart contract, this will help Saturn Protocol achieve further decentralization as entrepreneurs can come in and launch their own mirrors of the exchange. You could think of this as a way of launching a decentralized franchise, launching an exchange that runs on-top of Saturn Protocol where yo...

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