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I'm Dexaran from the EthereumCLassic community, and I'm launching an ICO for Ethereum and EthereumCLassic development

DEX token and ICO contracts

ICO is now closed!

What this ICO is?

I'm Dexaran from Ethereum Classic community. This ICO is my personal attempt to raise funds to realize my ideas for developing Ethereum Classic. I've been a volunteer developer since the Ethereum Classic project began. I disagree with the current vision for the development of ETC, and in my opinion it is moving in the wrong direction.

I believe that the current situation is a result of an inefficient distribution of human resources, In my opinion two separate development groups work on the same things for two separate but nearly identical projects.

I'm afraid that this will lead to ETC being considered a deprecated project as soon as Ethereum carries out the next valuable network upgrade and ETC can not keep up.

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