Ethereum Classic May be on the Rise Again

Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic
bitcoinsmart.com5y ago

Ethereum Classic,  The original Ethereum blockchain is growing up fast. In the latest news while Bitcoin and Ethereum have been falling Ethereum Classic has begun to rise. But what is pushing this recent price rise? The IOHK Team Grothendieck held a meeting via YouTube July 11th about Etheruem Classic Wallet Development (Video Below).  Also One of the biggest Chinese crypto exchanges has announced that it will list Ethereum Classic on their exchange, allowing for deposits as early as July 12th, and trading on July 13th. Along with adding Ethereum Classic on their exchange Huobi will have three “surprises” for all users that choose to trade with ethereum classic. The mining hash rate has also been growing over the last few months and it is becoming increasingly harder to mine etc, which will limit the supply while the demand rises. Are we in for another bright rise of Ethereum Classic as other coins continue falling?


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