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Ethereum Classic: 2019 Roadmap Boosts Investor Confidence

In the last couple of months, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has become more visible in the public spotlight. More people now know about it than ever before, and this has reflected in its price. Though the price of ETC has taken a beating, just like all other cryptos, it is definitely one of the better performers in 2018. As more people get to know about ETC and its core strengths, its value in the market will definitely continue to grow. Going into 2019, the growth of ETC will continue backed by its roadmap. Ethereum Classic (ETC)’s 2019 roadmap is quite an interesting one for a number of reasons.

One aspect to the Ethereum Classic roadmap going into 2019 entails improving on scalability through Sharding. As per the roadmap, implementing Sharding could see Ethereum Classic (ETC) achieve up to 1000 transactions per second.

This is a big deal and will play a huge role in the uptake of the Ethereum Classic blockchain in the development of Dapps. But one may argue that so many platform claim to have achieved this feat already, right? Well, the key difference between them and Ethereum Classic (ETC) is that Ethereum Classic also has other strong traits including true decentralization and immutability. When these strengths are combined with a high TPS, it becomes clear that ETC has an upper hand in the Dapps market going into the future. This will play a significant role in anchoring the value of ETC in 2019 and beyond.

The other interesting facet to ETC’s 2019 roadmap is the light client for IoT and mobile. The idea behind this it to allow users of the ETC blockchain in low-capacity environments to interact with the ETC blockchain in a highly secure environment. The rationale is to enable for easy accessibility and interactions through browser extension, smartphones among others.

This aspect of the roadmap will not only make ETC more accessible but also primed for IoT. IoT is projected to be one of the fastest grow...

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