ErgoPad Partnership Announcement with BlitzTCG! 🤝

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ErgoPad — BlitzTCG Partnership

We're pleased to announce our strategic Partnership with BlitzTCG! We're teaming up to support each other’s projects by sharing technical expertise to further build, grow and advance together. This article will explain all the details about this strategic partnership and what our community can expect.


Blitz TCG is a re-imagining of competitive trading card games using the Ergo blockchain to facilitate digital ownership and governance for players. Their goal is to create a digital TCG that mixes iconic aspects from several game genres together to create a refreshing alternative to standard TCG gameplay. Balancing Blitz’s two primary resources, Gold and XP (experience), while choosing a General that compliments a player’s deck will ensure that there are always new strategies to explore.

For more information on BlitzTCG:

Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Website

Partnership details:

ErgoPad will support BlitzTCG in developing their Ergo smart contracts and their back-end API, by providing the code for the following features:

Pack-to-card exchange smart contracts and contracts for other Blitz asset related collectibles (gameboards, PFPs, etc.). A WebSocket-based real time API that queries blockchain assets directly from the game client. Strategic Partnerships:

The support in helping BlitzTCG writing their contracts is the beginning of a long-term partnership. We believe Blitz is a project that will contribute significantly to the growth of the Ergo ecosystem.

The technologies developed are being designed in a modular way, not specific to Blitz. These modules can be applied where needed, and Ergopad will continue to provide support to other teams that wish to integrate our blockchain tech-stack into their projects. As always, though, we remain open source, and you can view, test, and experiment with our code yourself on the Ergopad Github.

Project Inquiries

If you are looking to build your own project on the Ergo blockchain, but your resources are limited, please contact us through our IDO Form. Or, reach out to use on Discord or Telegram to discuss a strategic partnership as described above.

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