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While We Are Waiting..

I want to zoom out a little and take a look at the space from…space. Standing in the middle of it right now is a little bit of a wtf moment. Most people are either done with the gambling phase or they are waiting patiently with their for now almost worthless tokens. As we’ve been discussing before, the hype phase is over. The profits were made possible by a few whales – probably paid by the casinos themselves (or it was them) and once they left it turns out nobody really gambled. Unfortunately people using EOS at this early stage are too smart to be complete degenerate gamblers (high risk takers sure) so they all wanted to mine tokens and earn dividends. Well..in order to make dividends we need people gambling and losing. And these people are not in crypto yet, lot less in EOS. As I spoke to someone about the other day – think about the hurdle of getting into EOS. Let’s just quickly go through the steps.

Fiat into Coinbase, create account on exchange, set up 2FA on phone, buy BTC/LTC/ETH, send to exchange, convert to EOS. Create account on EOS, download Scatter, learn Scatter, understand blockexplorers, difference between public/priv keys, figure out where the community is, etc etc. It’s just way too many steps. We will not see mass adoption until dapps create an account for you and all you have to do is MAX hold ONE passphrase or private key. People don’t want to send to exchanges and login different places. They want to do everything from one platform. Create account on Betdice and also cash out in fiat from Betdice. Until this is possible we are waiting..

People doesn’t A) have the technical skills, or B) patience or C) care or D) lack of all of that combined

A lot of people waited for years as early investors in Ethereum. As they talked about scaling for years on end and nothing ever seemed to happen, a lot of people jumped over to EOS. EOS delivered, at least for a while – until we ran into CPU issues and scaling issues. Dan Larimer talked a...

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