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UNICO is moving to EOS!

UNICO is moving to EOS!

I feel the time has come for a key announcement for the UNICO project.

Our followers and supporters know that we are developing a turnkey solution to turn premium digital content into blockchain-certified, limited-edition digital collectibles (cryptocollectibles). We have already developed the first version of a smart contract for the Ethereum blockchain to issue collectibles, sell them and enable decentralized trades between collectors. In parallel, however, we have been monitoring the progress of the EOS ecosystem and assessing the potential of EOS vs. Ethereum as the ideal blockchain to host our project.

After several discussions and analyses, we have come to the conclusion that EOS is the best blockchain for UNICO. In addition to some well-known EOS attractive features (no gas fees, scalability, strong security, etc), we have also highly appreciated the expressions of interest and support for our project that we received from a number of players in the EOS ecosystem.

One of them has just joined UNICO’s advisory team. Syed Jafri is head of dApp development for the EOS Cafe Calgary block producer candidate. He has a lot of experience in developing and using cryptocollectible games on the Ethereum network, and this is what he thinks about UNICO on EOS: “The world of ERC 721 and cryptocollectibles has pushed Ethereum to its absolute limits and at times, brought it to a halt. It is a logical decision to build upon EOS, a blockchain that has already shown its ability to handle thousands of transactions per second, allowing for the development of real-time decentralized applications. Harnessing the power of EOS, I am confident that UNICO can build a platform for anyone to create their own tokenized content.”

Syed Jafri

So, UNICO will be launched as a dApp on EOS. Our dApp will empower content creators worldwide to turn any quality digital content (art, photography, videos, 3D models, VR scenes, game ite...

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