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The third round repurchase and burn program of TPT has completed

The third round repurchase and burn program of TPT has completed

By August 12, 2019, the TokenPocket foundation has repurchased 6,632,006 TPT with 3,098.75EOS on the market and burned it all. (TPT burning address: tpburningacc)

The Record of the Repurchase Amount May: 1258 EOS June: 1858 EOS July: 3098.75 EOS #About the TPT burning plan

TokenPocket Foundation will execute the program from June 1 officially — using 25% of the revenue last month to repurchase TPT and burn it. (TPT burn address: tpburningacc)

TokenPocket foundation has the right to dynamically adjust the proportion(repurchase funds/monthly income) of repurchase funds according to the actual operation of the project, and each adjustment will be announced one month in advance.

TokenPocket’s business includes advertising and marketing department etc., The official income accounts are: tpdappincome, bpbpbpbppb, gu2denbzgmgs, tpadadincome.

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