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The State of Dapp Development — Blockchain Summer 2018

The State of Dapp Development — Blockchain Summer 2018

The decentralised applications (dapp) landscape has been growing steadily over the past year. The recent launch of EOS and continued work to scale Ethereum are reasons for developers to be excited in the year ahead.

This post will cover the current state of dapp development and some of the improvements we can expect to see over the next year. It will be largely focused on Ethereum and EOS based dapps since these two blockchains are the most popular platforms to build on today.

The most popular dapps fall into the following categories:

Games/Collectibles Exchanges Gambling Other

Of note is that we recently ran a dappathon (decentralised apps hackathon) and none of the dapps created fell into the above categories. I may write a future article that covers the dapps developed in the hackathon.


This past year’s crypto games include CryptoKitties, Etheremon and CryptoFighters. If you’re not aware of what a crypto-collectible is, it’s a digital collectible with ownership proven on the blockchain. The same way as you may own 5 Ethereum or 5 BAT tokens, you can own 5 CryptoKitties. These digital kitties or fighters are yours to trade freely on the blockchain. The big difference is that each BAT token is the same as any other, but each crypto kitty has a unique ID and provably unique genes. CryptoKitties was huge at the end of 2017 with some cats being sold for as much as $140,000.

This is what the first crypto-kitty, Genesis, looks like:

Genesis, CryptoKitty 1

And this is what Genesis looks like on the blockchain:

Genesis on the blockchain

Genesis’ genes are: “626837621154801616088980922659877168609154386318304496692374110716999053” and we’re ultimately reliant on the creators of CryptoKitties to tell us what each cat looks like based on some internal algorithm.

One cool feature about CryptoKitties is breeding: if you own two cats, you c...

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