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The New EOS Resource Model — EOS Amsterdam Response

Block.One has recently proposed a new EOS resource model which aims to solve some of the problems that exist with the current EOS resource model. In this article, we will explain the current EOS resource model, the new EOS resource model, and our opinion on the new model.

The current EOS resource model

Before we start explaining and reacting to the new EOS resource model, let’s first explain the current one, and why there is a need for a new one.

EOS resources

On EOS there are 3 resources: CPU, network and RAM, which all allow users to do different things. We will explain each resource individually below using a metaphor by EOS Asia.

How resources in an EOS account (can) look If the EOS blockchain was a train, CPU, RAM, and network could be explained in the following way: Network would be the available seats in each train leaving and entering the blockchain. Your chair will always be reserved, and if u need it, it will be yours. BUT, if no one is on the train, you could lay across a bunch of chairs because they are free! So network is a way to make sure you have somewhere to sit when the train leaves. CPU is how often you can ride the train, and works much like network as far as allocation goes. You may have a train ticket, but of course the ticket is only usable on certain days and times. Now the EOS train is pretty laid back, so any unused space is free to use re: CPU and network, until the people that paid for the space need to use the space. CPU and network are joint resources that together are called BANDWIDTH. RAM is your storage space on the train. If you need to bring a ton of luggage, you need to pay per bag to check your bags onto the train. If you do not need to bring a lot of luggage, you can sell your storage space to others that are riding on the train.

CPU and network can be obtained by staking EOS, which is essentially locking your tokens for a certain time. When the user wants to move their EOS they can unstake their ...

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