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Telos Weekly Report — June 21st, 2019 - Blockchain Expo Europe, Voting on TED Plan will be available soon, TBS and Fair Winds Digital announce strategic partnership, and Telos now on Bloks.io!

Telos Weekly Report — June 21st, 2019

Amsterdam Adventure

The Blockchain Europe Expo in Amsterdam has dominated my week. I’ll admit, it comes at a high cost, but it’s definitely worth the effort. These expos let us talk to real users about how Telos can help solve their problems. Major companies speak to us about how Telos might solve their problems. A lot of these companies are extremely well versed in blockchain — it’s obvious that they have been looking for a suitable solution to their needs for some time and have not found one. Almost all of these companies end up at the Telos booth for 20 minutes or more and leave with plans to continue the discussion. It’s very rewarding and exciting.

Our presence has grown impressively since just two months ago. We needed a bigger booth to accommodate all the cool new demos we were showing. I was invited to speak twice this time, once solo about Telos, and once on a panel with major industry players who have been identified as clear leaders in the enterprise blockchain space due to the projects they have already deployed. I think there is a very real chance that some or all of these companies may deploy pilot projects on Telos in time. I think we have refined our message to these kinds of businesses in just two months and they are seeing the connection for their needs quickly. London was great, but we were just starting to see the possibilities. Now we are better addressing their needs and concerns.

The biggest change from London is that now we have an actual organization that these Enterprise companies can work with. Before we launched Telos Blockchain Solutions, ltd, there was just no way that we could take the next steps with these companies. These enterprise customers don’t have a way to do business with a decentralized network. TBS creates a go-between that can work with them to deploy on Telos. This is a huge innovation that actually sets Telos apart from other decentralized chains. T...

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