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Telos Blockchain Network Based on EOSIO Technology

Telos Blockchain Network Based on EOSIO Technology

We spoke to Douglas Horn, the architect and whitepaper author of the Telos blockchain network, which is built using EOSIO technology.

Could you introduce your blockchain network for us?

Telos is a public blockchain focused on empowering mass adoption. Our pillars for this makes it easy to join and use Telos, provide powerful tools for app builders to ease their development cycles, and lead the world in functional blockchain governance.

We see a world where people are eager for the new field-leveling opportunities that blockchain can bring to individuals and groups-allowing them to better compete with the entrenched powerful elite. To foster this, we are aggressively pushing the boundaries of blockchain user experience and ease of use.

We are also giving people a real opportunity to participate in governance, with unique features that support both governance of Telos itself, plus tools for every app on Telos to easily manage its own governance. In fact, we’ve extended the system-level voting and committee management functions to apps so that they don’t have to worry about maintaining the code or providing their own interface-that can be consistent across all Telos apps for the convenience and familiarity of users.

Telos has invested heavily in adding tools that extend the capabilities of what app developers can do with blockchain technology. EOSIO itself is one of the biggest elements due to its power, security, and enormous capacity. The governance tools we offer to developers and the decentralized file storage solution we are now rolling out are other examples.

What inspired you to create your blockchain network?

Telos was launched by a grassroots community that deeply believed in a vision of EOSIO as a technology that enables all users to participate in its growth and evolution. We felt that functions like voting on the direction of the community, resolving dis...

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