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Sense.chat Revolution

Section 1: Introduction

In order for me to get to the point of recommending any possible valuable proposals for Sense.chat, I have had to do extensive research on Sense.chat and also on many other available chat platforms that are utilized throughout the world today. From the simplest of apps available on mobile, SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter and telegram to the everyday used email systems around, and many others not even worth mentioning. Well, I asked myself what these apps provide or what are they trying to provide as a public interfacing service and what are their advantages and disadvantages. For this article, I won’t focus on my opinion of the downfalls of these apps, but I will focus on what services, in my opinion, the public would really find useful and simple to use in a chat Dapp. We certainly have a multitude of apps and Dapps out there that are simply ignored either due to the complexity or just purely bad marketing or even low-quality services available or not provided by the app. The following are advantages and disadvantages of many chat apps I have looked at, without mentioning names or bad-mouthing any development or project/s;

Disadvantages; None are on the blockchain Cannot interact with crypto platforms – EOS in particular Slow and clumsy with network usage – not reliable Not totally user managed Expensive without user knowledge, these apps use your mobile data (Except when on WIFI) No payment system only for self-gain – a self-centered approach In most cases not user-friendly, Not open to sharing chats between apps when the user wants to (i.e. Can’t copy paste chats between chats) No location direction for the user when required, – Apps use your location for their own gain User bombarded with marketing ads Your data is insecure – shared or sold to marketing companies Phone numbers are insecure – Mobile SIM can easily be hacked Not a one-stop shop for user interaction Not peer to peer Advantages; You can chat to friends and famil...
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