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Let me give you one billion reasons to fix the RAM market.

Our EOS token supply.

We now have the absurd situation where holding EOS essentially only gives you the right—but not the obligation — to buy some RAM in a crazy volatile market.

A token-holder with 10 million EOS should be entitled to 1% of the network resources. This is proof of stake, but instead, if they want to create a new account, they have to buy one of the resources on a secondary market, which so far has proven to be even more volatile than the cryptocurrency they have invested in.

Inflation isn’t the biggest threat to our project; it is simply the cost of doing business. We have the crazy situation where Mr. 1% could buy RAM and lose 90% of his EOS investment for buying a resource which his EOS and the network inflation are supplying.

It is more plausible that in the future, EOS can be collateralized, be a candidate for futures markets, for leasing products that what we currently have.

We are calling for a return to stake-based RAM allocation. And a planned upgrade roadmap increase from 64GB to 2TB over the next 36 months.

Let’s face it: If we don’t have an IBC by then, we won’t be getting it.

Returning to the stake-based system will increase the demand for EOS Native tokens which will increase the value of everyone’s holdings. Block producers can buy and supply more infrastructure, token-holders’ investments will increase in value—including Block.One’s, who can use those extra resources and hire more developers to solve inter-chain communications quicker.

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