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Quality Name Distribution & Namespaces

Currently EOSIO prohibits the creation of new account names that are less than 12 characters long and/or contain a ".". The purpose of this restriction is to discourage name squatting. That said, it is desirable to enable shorter names for usability and because they are a marketable commodity.

It is also desirable for organizations to have the ability to create a "trusted" namespace where everyone can trust an account suffix like ".edu" or ".com". Shorter suffix enable longer names pre-suffix and therefore have a larger namespace and are more valuable.

The most economically efficient and fair method to allocate shorter names and/or namespaces is to sell the names at market price. To get the most value for the premium names they should not be sold all at once, but over time.

Proposal Only account name "com" can register new accounts xyz.com At most one new "premium name" (those that don't contain a ".") will be sold per day and it will be the name with the highest bid. Bidding on Names

bidname( account_name bidder, account_name desired, asset bid )

If 'bid' is greater than the highest bidder then bidder becomes the pending winner of the desired name. Each bid must be 10% higher than any existing bid. The existing bidder will receive a refund of their bid when they are outbid. This encourages parties to bid high enough that they don't get outbid in the first place and discourages parties from going back-and-forth fighting for the name. It also discourages "squatting" on names hoping no one comes along to outbid them.

Every 24 hours the name with the highest bid is closed. Once closed the "winner" has can use the newaccount action to register the account. At this point the memory allocated for the bid is released back to the bidder.

Easy options for masses

The vast majority of users will not want to participate in the daily name auctions because it is a slow and highly competitive process....

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