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Our current thinking on current EOS events.

DECAF is pointless

“Are you still on that call?”

“Yes , shouldn’t be too much longer…”

“But it’s Father’s Day…”

I was hosting the call, couldn’t drop off.

It was important!

A day or so before, we were on another call with the BPs working on the EOS 911 rescue approach. We invited Bitfinex to the call as we knew they were setting up to unlock the Mainnet very soon.

Time was running out.

Once we explained the status of our work in order to save accounts, the Bitfinex team immediately agreed to hold off to allow that work to finish.

Now on Father’s Day, a routine BP call would turn into a marathon session as ECAF were unsure whether they could issue an order to freeze the accounts for the people for whom they’d been working for over a week to verify.

The 21 active BPs needed to make a unanimous decision to review the evidence and initiate a blacklist for the accounts to ensure they wouldn’t lose funds.

I was convinced then and still am today that this was the correct course of action. I have read every thread and opinion about what is wrong with that approach, that DPOS shouldn’t work like this and a tonne of other legacy arguments.

But EOS is something new, a governed blockchain with a constitution which all BPs had just signed up to when we registered as block producers. Our supporters also signed when they cast votes.

The mantra of protecting life, liberty and property — and a path to justice when things were wrong — is what attracted me to this project. It still does. On Father’s Day, we had the chance to start as we meant to go on, to forge a new path, to do things another way.

I have been honest and vocal about my disappointment in ECAF on the Father’s Day call and soon after. They were professional but overcautious, the lack of an order at that time left a vacuum, which has yet to be filled and has opened the FUD gates to a vocal minority to push their agen...

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