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New Medium article by Dan: “EOSIO Resource Allocation Reimagined” (direct link)

The EOS public network, the first implementation of EOSIO, is the most used public blockchain by a wide margin and has recently been processing a sustained 800 transfers per second utilizing a fraction of its technical capacity. The demand for transfers has been so high that the resource exchange, REX, has run out of EOS tokens to lease. This post explores the reasons why REX ran out of EOS to lend and proposes a solution that ensures that CPU resources are always available at a reasonable market price.

EOS tokens provide the utility of CPU bandwidth when they are staked. The capital cost of CPU utility has been priced highly by the market, which means that most people need to rent EOS to get the CPU they need at an affordable price with minimal exposure to capital loss as a result of the volatility in the price of EOS.

The REX (Resource Exchange) is designed to automate a market between those who own the EOS CPU utility and those who wish to use the CPU time without owning EOS. The challenge has become establishing a price for renting EOS, while maintaining the value of utility for EOS owners: if priced too high, then no one will be willing to rent and the network will therefore be under-utilized, and if priced too low, then the available supply of EOS will be over extended, leaving no CPU available at any price.

We designed the REX to use an algorithm that raises the price toward infinity as the remaining supply of EOS available to rent approaches zero. Recently the REX got into a situation where there was no EOS available to rent at any price, because it is possible for those providing EOS for others to rent to recall them at will. We did not anticipate that such a large amount of EOS would be withdrawn from the REX given the expected demand to earn.

The good news is that REX is working as designed and that it will deliver on the promises the code made to allow EOS put into REX to be returned to the lender within 30 days. The prici...

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