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Instant Token Swap on TokenPocket

Instant Token Swap on TokenPocket

TokenPocket is officially launched the built-in cross-chain token swap services, It supports the swap of EOS, TRX, ETH, BTT, USDT, HT, DAI, TUSD, and USDC, more tokens will be available soon.

For iOS users, please download the Pro version if you want to play Dapps on the wallet since the Dapp browser has been removed on the App Store version. Start Your First Swapping Step 1 Step 2 Choose the token that you want to swap Input the amount and address Tap “Swap” to make an order FAQ 1. My order keep in the staus of “exchanging” for a long time. Please tap “Any question?” to contact the support team If this stays for more than thirty minutes. 2. How long will it take for cross-chain swaps? Around 3 minutes, but it depends on many factors. 3. Is there an amount limit for the token transfer? For users in the United States, the daily total limit is 10,000USD equivalent, and the monthly limit is 50,000USD equivalent. Start your journey of discovery Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play Go to [Discover] > [DApps] Follow TokenPocket

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