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Hacken performed a security analysis of CODEX EOS-oriented Exchange

Company name: CODEX

Company description: CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system.

Service: Web application security assessment.

“Any financial business includes risk and security management, which is especially important when it comes to the means of our users. Those who do not spend a lot of time on security pay dearly for it. Therefore, we pay much attention to this and the score of 10/10 is a confirmation of our dedication to high security standards” — Serge Vasylchuk CEO at CODEX


CODEX is a licensed exchange that you can trust, filled with all the new and useful functions from the world of digital currencies in a feature-rich architecture. CODEX provides a functional and stable environment, ideal for trading and securely storing cryptocurrencies.

Problems faced by CODEX

Due to the sharp rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, the world saw a sharp rise in the number of exchanges. Entrepreneurs that wanted to exploit the market opportunity, created a large number of crypto exchanges, without considering security as their main priority. Hackers quickly recognized the lucrative opportunity to earn easy money by exploiting vulnerabilities in crypto wallet software and servers. It’s no surprise that around $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018 alone.

Recognizing the risk that they’re facing, CODEX enlisted Hacken to conduct a security assessment of their web application. The purpose of the assessment was to utilize active exploitation techniques in order to evaluate the security of the web application against best practice criteria and to validate its security mechanisms.

Hacken Service Summary

Hacken security consultants imitated hacker activities to test the overall security state of the systems, utilizing the best market methodology created by Open W...

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