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EOSIO Version 1.4.0

EOSIO Version 1.4.0 Release: Deterministic Snapshots, Cloud Server Performance, and updates to the EOSIO Contract Development Toolkit

Today we are pleased to announce the next version of EOSIO, V1.4.0. We have also addressed a major update to the EOSIO.CDT, which you can read more about below. For EOSIO V1.4.0 you can view the detailed release notes here on Github, and find documentation on the EOSIO Developer Portal.

We are continually collecting feedback on how the community is building applications on the platform and are consistently improving the developer experience on EOSIO. Going forward, we will be targeting the second Tuesday of each month (in the middle of the month) for an update to the EOSIO software.

In addition to release notes and documentation, the Block.one Developer Relations team — in coordination with the C++ Development and Marketing & Communications teams — will provide easy-to-digest summaries of the features and benefits of each release and their implications on our goals for the platform.

Continue reading below to learn more about EOSIO V1.4.0 and major updates to the EOSIO Contract Development Toolkit.

Highlights in EOSIO V1.4.0:

Deterministic Snapshots (#5956)

In the EOSIO V1.2.0 release, we introduced Replay and Resync optimizations (#5130) to address the issue that as the blockchain grows, the time needed to set up a new node and replay the chain will also continue to rise. Building on that, in V1.3.0 we introduced more performance enhancements called Trusted Producer Light Validation (#5631).

To complete the journey for new users on-boarding as EOSIO developers, we’ve released the ability to create Snapshots and use them when starting a new node. This will allow regular users to get up and running with EOSIO in just a few minutes instead of spending hours waiting to download the blockchain data and set up their node. Downloading a snapshot of the blockchain offers a verifiable path ...

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