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EOSIO Version 1.2.0

EOSIO Version 1.2.0 Release: MongoDB Plugin Enhancements, Community Plugin Integrations, and Replay Optimization

Today we are pleased to release the next incremental version of EOSIO, V1.2.0. You can view the detailed release notes here on Github, and find documentation on the EOSIO Developer Portal.

We’re continually collecting feedback on how the community is building applications on the platform and are consistently improving the developer experience on EOSIO. To that end, in addition to release notes and documentation, the Block.one Developer Relations team — in coordination with the C++ Development and Public Communications teams — will be providing an easy-to-digest summary of the features and benefits of each release and its implications on our goals for the platform. Continue reading below to learn about release V1.2.0.

Highlights in 1.2.0:

Ongoing MongoDB Enhancements (#4733, #4756)

We have continued to enhance the MongoDB Plugin that was released in V1.1 last month. The Plugin allows your application to store blockchain data in Mongo, enabling more scalable and convenient queries of that data without putting a load on the network nodes. The MongoDB Plugin in V1.1 could be used instead of the history plugin for get_actions and get_transactions. The V1.2 release extends the functionality of the mongo_db_plugin to include get_key_accounts and get_controlled_accounts, both of which can be stored in the existing accounts collection document.

Additionally, we added abi caching to speed up serialization as most of the time an application would create the abi_serializer from the stored abi. This should reduce overall resource burden and speed up your applications’ ability to process data from the MongoDB.

Integrating with External Community Extensions (#5026, #4901)

As the EOSIO developer community continues to grow and more specific needs arise for the platform, we’re recognizing the benefits of a simple way for e...

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