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EOS is the Crypto Sleeping Giant.

As this new year begins, when I look around, it’s often hard not to compare how we ended the year in 2017 to how we did it in 2018. Though, I am not one to focus on current token value, I feel there is a need, especially when you consider the significant market pullback we recently had. For those of us that have been involved in EOS since under a dollar, this recent pullback has not put many of the early birds in the red, as of yet. But if you’re someone that bought around $5, or $10, are even $20, your portfolio is probably down significantly. I myself have been dollar cost averaging and have bought in above $1 as well as below it in the past. And I intend to continue doing so overtime, because, in my opinion, the EOS platform is possibly the most undervalued cryptocurrency currently. In this video, I intend to explain why EOS is the crypto sleeping giant in the space today.

First off, before we go any deeper into this topic, I think it is necessary to break it down into its core components. Normally in most cryptocurrencies, there are usually 3 core components that have the most to do with determining genuine token value. The first component would be, community involvement, which is important for obvious reasons to any crypto project, because no cryptocurrency can be successful without a highly engaged core community of users. The second component would be achieving significant development goals; this area is significantly important, because the cryptocurrency industry is filled with all sorts of sketchy projects all claiming to be developing the next game-changing innovation that will take cryptocurrency to the next level in its evolution. The overwhelming majority of them usually claim that their project is the next Bitcoin. Which, in most cases, is not even close to accurate. Many of these projects can’t even deliver on the simple basics, let alone develop the next generation of cryptocurrencies; they are essentially over-promising and under-deliveri...

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