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[EOS] Insights Network- Fixing the Broken Data Industry

Insights Network- Fixing the Broken Data Industry One of the hardest markets to penetrate is the d’Apps market. There have been numerous ICOs that have been floated out with pledging to introduce the next revolutionary d’Apps.

May 21

Source Of these ICOs, only a handful of them is functional while the rest have struggled for success.

Insights Network has emerged as a pioneering platform for providing market research solutions in an environment where other blockchain based solutions have fallen short due to either attracting the masses to register or even maintaining an active user base.

By having 250,000 users, Insights Network is in a position where it’s now directly competing and beating cryptocurrency giants including Litecoin and Dogecoin. Insights Network has cemented its ability to be the d’App of choice to many. Block’tivity, in this case, is used by cryptocurrency investors to filter out profitable ventures from ventures that only based on hype.

The market research industry’s current situation

Data breaches continue to haunt the market research industry. A prime example of this is the 2016 Presidential Election where Cambridge Analytica was caught at the center of the storm due to Facebook’s careless handling of third-party applications and data. Cambridge Analytica, therefore, was able to create targeted ads to users during the campaign period to sway the elections towards a particular direction.

Legislators, therefore, resolved to make laws regarding data privacy in the wake of data breaches occurring worldwide and forced platforms to adhere to these laws to protect the confidentiality of various users.

These laws, however, don’t guarantee the safety of data stored in various servers. Platform providers, therefore, need to hasten the improvement of the building blocks.

How Insights Network created its decentralized data-exchange platform

Co-founded initially by Brian Gallagher (CEO) and Darwin L...

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