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EOS DRAM has been distributed (equivalent for EOS RAM on Ethereum)




Symbol: DRAM

Decimals: 18

DRAM is the equivalent of EOS RAM on the Ethereum blockchain.

1 DRAM = 1 Kb (EOS RAM)

Fixed total supply = 64GB

64 GB = 64 * 1024 * 1024 = 67108864 DRAM (Kb)

Unlike the EOS blockchain where RAM can be increased at any given moment, on the Ethereum blockchain, the DRAM total supply is fixed at 64 GB and cannot be changed/increased in the future.

DRAM has been distributed to all Ethereum accounts holding EOS tokens at the moment of the lock.

As per the EOS contract (0x86Fa049857E0209aa7D9e616F7eb3b3B78ECfdb0) there are 330687 addresses holding EOS.

After reserving ~10% DRAM for future exchanges and dev., the remaining 90% DRAM was distributed equally among the 330687 addresses.

Each address received 182 DRAM (you can confirm you received DRAM on myetherwallet by adding a custom token with the token information at the top).

Go to github.com
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