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EOS Crash New Game Teaser - AURORA DICE

“EosCrash: Aurora” teaser

Far far away in the cryptogalaxy a brave CRASH team of space crypto enthusiasts were mining EOS on a Crypton planet. They were working hard to mine a lot. They have one common dream — SpaceLambo.

Sometimes, when CPU fuel was running out, CRASH team was forced to come back home to have some rest and refuel their CRASH spaceship — Aurora.

One day, after productive mining with full spaceship of EOS, CRASH team was coming back home… But some shit happened — they got into the crypteroids belt.

Aurora is damaged, warp drive is not working, CPU almost gone… It looks like Aurora is doomed for a scam.

But fortunately there were a lot of real crypto enthusiasts near! They can help Aurora to survive.

There is a space gap in a few PUMP years and the only way to come back home is to get there. Pump Aurora to enter a space gap and CRASH spaceteam will reward you!

You just need to choose a right range to create a pumper for Aurora. Will you pump Aurora or leave CRASH team in trouble?

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