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Endless Game on EOS- An interview and overview

Endless Website: https://dice.endless.game/

Join them on telegram here: https://t.me/EndlessGameTeam

As a trader and fan of the EOS-Sphere, I, and everyone else, have noticed the emergence of EOS Casinos in our landscape.  Endless Dice is one of those gambling DAPPS I have really been watching closely and when I had the chance to write and article and do an interview with them, I jumped on it.

Now like them or lump them, online casinos have been popping up everywhere.  I am a fan of EOS and in my humble opinion their presence has been great for not only adoption but for testing the waters of the EOSIO ecosystem with massive volume and cpu usage.  This has forced us to really move and adapt as the software is truly battle tested which really helps the EOS eco-system as a whole.

Before we begin talking about Endless, a few words of transparency, honesty, and fair warning.  First of all, Trybe has entered a promotional partnership with Endless Dice which means you will be hearing about them in various ways over the coming months from both myself and the Trybe platform itself.  I also want to be transparent in the sense that I am a token holder and was before this partnership ever existed.  This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.  These are all speculative assets which come with some volatility.  Be smart.  Never invest what you can’t afford to lose.  Do your own research.  Make wise decisions.  Be an adult.  This is my opinion only and a piece written on a DAPP in the eco-system that I like.

that being said, I recently saw Endless Dice pop up into the Ecosystem and it came out with a roar…  The interface looks sleek, the design overall is impressive, and the team has constantly updated the telegram with new tweaks to the interface and upcoming games and contests. (join the telegram here https://t.me/EndlessGameTeam)

My spare time (of which is minimal between my other pursuits) is sometimes spent wa...

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