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Dawn 4.0 release

EOSIO Dawn 4.0 Release

Last week we introduced EOSIO Dawn 4.0, today we are proud to bring you the next major pre-release of EOSIO. A lot has happened in the past week!

Feedback on Dawn 4.0 RAM Allocation

Some community members expressed concern that some people will derive unjustified profits by buying up cheap RAM before anyone else can get on the chain. To mitigate this, we recommend that those who launch a chain start out with a very limited supply of RAM and then gradually increase the RAM over the first couple of months. If the RAM supply starts out at 32GB and then grows to 1TB over a period of months then the price of RAM may rapidly drop over time to 3% of its initial pricing. Only those who really need RAM or who factor in future RAM supply when bidding will buy the initial RAM. Either way, no one will get “cheap” RAM or “free profits”.

Test Network Status

Our internal test network with nodes in Europe, Asia, and the United States has been operating well without significant issues.

Subjective CPU Resource Usage is Back

For the past several months we have been experimenting with objective CPU billing. Objective billing attempts to calculate a number of CPU instructions used by a transaction in a deterministic manner. This has the nice property of ensuring that there is complete and unambiguous consensus over what resources are consumed by a transaction. It is also the method used by many other smart contract platforms.

When we introduced EOSIO a year ago we proposed the use of Subjective Best Effort Scheduling. Under this model each block producer would measure the wall-clock-time it took to execute the transaction and charge the user accordingly. To maintain consensus over usage, the producer will report the number of microseconds they billed to the transactions.

While objective billing is nice for its ability to eliminate billing disputes and simplify consensus, it has several drawbacks which caused...

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