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Cpu Never and Issue on eos Blockchain Space

let me start by appreciating the trybe team for there constant and consistency on the community growth and repaid change both on the website and the fundamental  reform on the blockchain and to the community at large going by the just concued airdrop on the 11th of January. team trybe.one you guys are just the best

Basics issue on eos phartform



A. scatter Desktop Connection, most people find it very difficult to comprehend the functionality of scatter desktop to access the eos space looking at the contunius upgrade on every set of the ecosystem, every account need either desktop or web section of scatter to access the blockchain account, its the gate way to your eos account with the easlrs way and well secure forms.

To download the current version of scatter 10.10 click on  scatter

B. CPU. just as the eth blockchain or any other blockchain space, on eos for any successful transactions to take place one most have some amonut of eos staked to help process or transact on the system. for every amount of eos staked depends the numbers of activities or transaction to do looking at the current price of cpu consumption tokens staking is one of the functionality on eos to help regulate the price and policy dump of project, its also the importance of the decentralization on the ecosystems on blockchain, also for cpu assistance CPU 

to acces free cpu whenever your out of help simply click on   CPU to access free 3 eos staked for a hours of 8 worth of cpu to enable you perform basic activities  needed

However transaction on the blockchain are on free chagers the amonut of transaction perform depends on the total consumption of your cpu. the high the staked eos the greater the transaction factors carry out,

finally no amount of staked cpu can be a lost  on your wallet most newbie find difficult to perform transaction because of lack of cpu due to fear to losing tokens from their wallet, its your right to ...

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