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Bet on EPL Games with EOS

HOW TO PLAY EOSLOTTO We conduct the eoslotto game on weekly basis. Every game has a fixed pot and each player has one chance to make a bet. Once the games are finished, the lotto manager draws the results. Our game engine powered by EOS smart contracts calculates scores for each player based on their accuracy. The highest scorer is rewarded with 95% of the pot amount. We take 5% as commission. If there are multiple people having the same score, the reward is split among them. We also pay referral commission for every player you refer on a week's game. When your referral makes a bet, you are instantly rewarded with 2% of their bet amount. Please ensure your wallet doesn't need specific memos to receive EOS. Step 1: Start by inputting your predictions. Once you are ready, click on the "Bet" button. Step 2: Input your EOS credentials. Step 3: Wait for the bets to be placed. Step 4: Congrats, you are done. Please wait for the draw.
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Galia Benartzi from Bancor on reinventing money!

“Since humans invented #money, we can reinvent it. Money 3.0 could help us build the kind of society we want." Bancor Co-Founder @galiabenartzi in @Newsweek on how we can (re)make money. https://t.co...
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KARMA is now paying for users' resources

During the last week the first features of EOSIO v1.8 have been activated in the mainnet, which allows dApps to pay for resources for their users.