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B1 released EOSIO v2.0.0

This release contains security, stability, and miscellaneous fixes.

This release also includes an EOSIO consensus upgrade. Please see the "Consensus Protocol Upgrades" section below for details. These protocol upgrades necessitate a change to the state database structure which requires a nodeos upgrade process that involves more steps than in the case of most minor release upgrades. For details on the upgrade process, see the "Upgrading from previous versions of EOSIO" section below.

Security bug fixes Consolidated Security Fixes for 2.0.0 (#8420) Limit size of response to API requests EOS VM fixes

Note: These security fixes are relevant to all nodes on EOSIO blockchain networks.

The above is in addition to the other security fixes that were introduced in prior release candidates for 2.0.0:

(#8195) Consolidated Security Fixes for 2.0.0-rc2 (#8344) Consolidated Security Fixes for 2.0.0-rc3 Stability bug fixes (#8399) Net plugin sync check - 2.0

This above is in addition to the other stability fixes that were introduced in prior release candidates for 2.0.0:

(#8084) Net plugin remove read delays - 2.0 (#8099) net_plugin remove sync w/peer check - 2.0 (#8120) Net plugin sync fix - 2.0 (#8229) Net plugin sync (#8285) Net plugin handshake (#8298) net_plugin lib sync (#8303) net_plugin boost asio error handling (#8305) net_plugin thread protection peer logging variables (#8311) Fix race in fc::message_buffer and move message_buffer_tests to fc. (#8307) reset the new handler Changes EOS VM: New High Performance WASM Runtimes (#7974, #7975)

Three new WASM runtimes are available in this release: EOS VM Interpreter, EOS VM Just In Time Compiler (JIT), and EOS VM Optimized Compiler.

EOS VM Interpreter is a low latency interpreter and is included to enable future support for smart contract debuggers. EOS VM JIT is a low latency single pass compiler for x86_64 platforms. To use EOS VM Interpreter or EOS ...

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