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Nestables May Development Update | Marketplace, UI Updates and More!

Another month passes us by! This month, we have some very exciting news to share with everyone — a long awaited feature is finally here!

Nestables Marketplace

The Nestables Marketplace is now officially live! You can check it out here>


The marketplace is built using Enjin’s Marketplace API and is tailored for all of your Nestable needs! For crypto gaming to be successful and for players to make money, the marketplace of any game needs to be intuitive, provide enough data and tools to enable those who will be regular traders but not too much data to put off new players. For our first attempt at a marketplace, we personally think it looks pretty good!

Enjin’s current marketplace is fantastic but it is designed for a wide variety of games. Therefore, for those trying to find specific Nestable assets, it can be a little tricky to navigate. The Nestables marketplace allows a significant number of refinement options so you can find assets that are on the blockchain.

Overtime as the marketplace collects more data, you will be able to see the recent sale price for specific assets to assist you with buying or selling at the right price.

For those with a Founder’s Token, the benefit of reduced marketplace fees will kick in once everything is transitioned over to Enjin’s new infinity / efinity network. We will keep you posted on this so that everyone is aware of when this changes. Currently, we are a bit limited with what we can do transaction wise. It makes no sense from a buyer / seller perspective or from ours to always be taking a fixed amount of ENJ amount per sale.

Changing the fees to a % of the overall transaction is not yet possible but hopefully will be in the future as it is a feature that has been requested by many other early adopters.

The marketplace will continue to evolve overtime and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for it. In the future, those who create bui...

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